4″ Housing Tube Universal Trac/Panhard Bar Housing Mount – PTF


These mounts are designed for use with just about any chassis and rear end application, they feature a simply click together construction and are Plasma table friendly along with being MIG/TIG weld friendly.

Setup for 1.25” or 7/8” rod ends with ¾” bolts and standard spacers.

PTF (Plasma Table Friendly) – This means that the component is designed with little to no bends, mostly or all flat plate. This makes the cutting and assembly very easy for anyone with a plasma table. Specific steps are required (follow the WPO) to ensure the strength is kept with this component.

***This product is a Digital Asset. You are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) or Solid (CAD) files for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***



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