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Every item on is the brainchild of one of the DIY Designers below. These DIY Designers are the true power behind this platform, putting in the time and effort to provide the world with professionally-designed files. This group of rad dudes love this sport and more importantly love designing shred-ready components, giving you, (the DIY customer), access to DECADES of experience at the click of a mouse. Each DIY Designer has a different background and this plays into the products they offer on DIY Offroad. If you are interested in becoming a fellow DIY Designer, please shoot us an email

Baja Customs specializes in the design of off-road vehicles, offering plans and CAD data to get your project off the ground.  Baja Customs is O&O by a professional engineer, holding several patents, SolidWorks certifications, fabrication skills, plus an ego almost matching Jason Heard’s.

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Dirty B Fabwerx

Here at Dirty B Fabwerx we specialize in the fabrication of offroad vehicles such as trucks, jeeps, UTV's, and prerunners. We do long travel Suspension,  bumpers, and armor. Our specialty is Chevy and Gmc long travel trucks. We offer long travel kits for 99-2017 Silverados and Sierras

Located in the Central Valley 25 min West of Bakersfield in Valley Acres Ca. Specializing in Off-Road Fabrication and Asphalt and Dirt oval race cars and various other types of metal fabrication. From your Daily driver, to your complete race truck we build and repair all types of components on your vehicle or race car or all other various welding & Fabrication needs. With years of experience in Desert racing and multiple other racing divisions such as IMCA, USAC, SNORE, M.O.R.E.

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Allco Metal Fabrication

Located on the Central Coast of California, Allco has extensive experience building and abusing some of the most extreme vehicles, including his famous Crew Cab Diesel in the Pismo Dunes! When he is not filming with Deberti for their show on Discovery he is in the shop working away on some serious vehicles!

Face Down Fabrication

In addition to being a husband, father, teacher, and coach, Shane is an avid offroad enthusiast and a fabrication fanatic. He's been honing his own design and fabrication skills for the last several years while sharing these passions with the next generation. Shane aspires to one day leave the world of education behind and earn his living building cool trucks and parts. As a step to move towards that goal, he created his own (almost legit) business, Face Down Fabrication, and has started taking on some custom jobs during the free time he doesn't have. 

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Two Brothers with a passion for Everything Off-road who work in their own shop building everything from SEMA vehicels to their own personal creations. With years of experience and passion to match these guys simply love to build cool stuff!

DEULING DESIGN LLC is a small sheet metal fabrication business that I (Adam Deuling) started in October of 2015 at age 24. I fell in love with sheet metal fabrication through my day job as a product engineer and started buying the tools to be able to do it on my own.

Adam Deuling
DIY Off Road

Jason Elvis Heard

The Dude here at DIY Offroad who envisioned this chaos. He was the founder of The GMR and Co-Founder of Tekk Consulting, LLC. You will find hundreds of his personal designs on this site, and rest assured they are all legit because he is highly held as one of the industry’s best moderately-talented fabricators. These days Jason runs Tekk Consulting and oversees all the gnarly action here at DIY Offroad. Just a dude selling digital assets to other dudes.

Jack Fisher

The other Co-Founder of Tekk Consulting, LLC., Jack is the Chief Technology Officer and in-house 3D printing expert at Tekk and here at DIY Offroad. He’s someone who actually-went to mechanical engineering school at Cal Poly, SLO. He is a seasoned veteran to shred-ready design along with being a competitive robotics World Champion. Jack has hundreds of design files here on DIY Offroad and heads up the 3D printing revolution for this platform. When Jack is supposedly working, he’s usually dreaming up new automated designs for cooking BBQ.

DIY Off Road

Category Part Number Reference

600 - Race/Play Chassis Components

601 - Mounts and Accessories

602 - Bumpers, Frame Horns, Body Mounts

603 - Leaf Spring Components

604 - Rear End Components

605 - Link Arms and Mounts

606 - Exhaust Components

607 - I Beam Suspension Components

608 - Jeep Components

100 - Imperial Tabs

101 - Metric Tabs

104 - Tools and Fixtures

105 - 3D Printed Tools and Fixtures

106 - Machined Components

***These products are Digital Assets. You are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.*** Dismiss